How to Earn on Driving with Blockchain

In 21st century technology has penetrated every aspect of human life. Previously, people could only dream and make fantastic films about AI. Now the large companies like Tesla, Google, Uber, and others are actively developing and testing self-driving cars. But to work at full strength, they lack one thing - data. Blockchain will help here.

In the last century, Henry Ford made a real revolution in the auto industry and changed the face of the world. Before him, only the richest and most influential could use cars, but Ford gave the opportunity to buy the coveted vehicle to every person.

After a while, cars became irreplaceable helpers of people. Every day, people use it to get to work, travel and have fun. Cars even resolve logistical problems.

A huge ecosystem appeared around the car, in which participate, ordinary people, car-care centers, insurers, logistics companies, and even artificial intelligence. Yes, at the moment, technology and auto giants like Google, Uber, Tesla are actively developing self-driving cars that will make drivers unnecessary.

Every minute the ecosystem creates a lot of data, analyzing which one can not only improve human life but also make a fortune. But for this, the information needs to be collected, structured, analyzed and sold.

The crypto project Rime Coin decided to take the opportunity. The startup develops the blockchain platform, which will help to disseminate data about auto traffic, road infrastructure and everything that surrounds drivers and vehicles. In fact, Rime Coin wants to build an information marketplace, in which everyone can buy and sell the necessary data.

Million for info

Information rules the world. Large companies know it. For example, Google collects user data about surfing the Internet, moving around the city, people's preferences, etc. Facebook is another example and not a good one. It is enough to recall a scandal with Cambridge Analytica when the authorities revealed that the social network was selling data from users and their friends. Facebook traded the info even without the users’ awareness.

Rime Coin builds its platform on completely different principles that lie in openness and transparency. Regular drivers can collect data using cameras, special sensors or even through a smartphone. Then users voluntarily transfer it to the Rime Coin platform, where anyone can buy information. For this, users receive a generous reward in the Rime Coin cryptocurrency, which they can spend on purchasing goods and services.

The data will not be resold, as is in the case with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. All information is stored in the blockchain, which guarantees its complete safety. Moreover, all transactions in the Rime Coin blockchain are transparent and visible to all. Therefore, users will be able to control companies.

On top of that, ordinary users can earn extra money on Rime Coin without even transferring data. The developers promise a rise in the value of the coin, with the popularization of the platform. After all, the number of Rime Coin is limited, and the crypto will be used only at the platform. Its utilization will fuel the demand and will accordingly inflate the price.


A large business is one of the main participants of the Rime Coin platform. Car manufacturers using data can better determine the needs of drivers, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their products.

Insurers using the Rime Coin platform will be able to track the number of incidents and reduce information processing costs.


Technological giants who work on the creation of self-driving cars will receive the necessary information about the habits of the traffic participants and the infrastructure, which will allow in the shortest possible time to create a truly reliable AI to control the auto.

The authorities also need Rime Coin. With the help of the platform, they will be able to prevent accidents on the roads, improve the infrastructure and build smart cities in which technology will protect residents.

Near future

Technology is the future of the world. But without the necessary data, it is useless. Rime Coin knows it and is not going to hesitate. Already in the spring of 2019, the developers are planning to launch the platform and would come close to creating the blockchain ecosystem Rime Coin.

It will allow combining the advanced technology of the blockchain and artificial intelligence for the sake of human prosperity.

1 year ago

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