How Blockchain Will Save Democracy

The last century is the unconditional flowering of democracy. Over the past 100 years, countries with this political foundation have achieved incredible success, the main one of which is ensuring a decent standard of living and peace in the country. But now, democracy is under threat. Attack coming from the very heart of democracy – the US and Europe. If the free world does not change, only death will await him. Fortunately, democracy has an assistant in this struggle – blockchain.


In the 20th century, democracy demonstrated all the strength. In truth, it has given millions of people, a decent and peaceful life. Mankind has never achieved such a level of well-being.

But, despite all the advantages, the democracy has a lot of shortcomings. It is enough to recall Churchill's words: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." Now the problems of this socio-political system are more visible than ever. Now wonder as various politicians and populist pour oil on the fire. Obviously, if democracy does not improve, it will perish, like hundreds of other political systems.

Fortunately, now it has an excellent helper - blockchain. The innovative technology not only makes it possible to earn thousands of dollars on cryptocurrencies rates fluctuations but also really changes the world. Thanks to the blockchain, democracy can improve drastically, bringing people freedom and prosperity. These are exactly what one of the blockchain projects – Horizon State – is doing.

Elections 3.0

Elections are the cornerstone of democracy. Although this political system more than a thousand-years-old, the principle, and process of elections have not changed much. On a certain day, people come to the polling stations and put the ballots with the votes for one or another candidate into the box.

This process has many shortcomings. So, the voter absolutely does not have any opportunities to trace, whether the election commission took into account his vote. In fact, when a citizen drops the ballot into the box, his participation in the elections ends, and he is forced to rely on the mercy of the authorities, not knowing what is happening with his vote.

The Horizon State resolves this problem with the help of the Ethereum blockchain. All the information that gets into the system remains there forever and could not be altered. So, in such a system the authorities would not get a chance to manipulate with the election results.

Moreover, with the help of Horizon State, the voter can track his vote at all stages of the election - from placing the ballot in the box, to its recording by the election commission. True, in the voting process, the process differs slightly from traditional elections. Instead of the ballot, the voter uses the Decision Token (HST) of the Horizon State platform, which contains all the information.


The secret of voting is the fundamental principle of elections. It guarantees that a person will not be persecuted for his political beliefs. Horizon Token understands this perfectly. Therefore, access to personal data during the voting is available only to the voter. All the connection between the voter and his vote is encrypted and anonymous so that no one gets to the data.

On the other hand, such a system guarantees that the voter will not vote twice, thereby "twisting" the results.

Money Saver

Elections are an incredibly costly process that "burns" billions of dollars. Only in the elections to the US Congress in 2016, the state spent over $4 billion, according to OpenSecrets. And the presidential one in the same year "ate" another $2.3 billion.

These spendings can be reduced at least 10 times, according to Horizon State. The costs are minimal because election organizer must pay only for transaction fee in ETH network. According to Bitinfocharts, now this fee is $0.05 on average.

Moreover, the Horizon State platform offers to completely abandon the polling stations, because the maintenance of such an infrastructure requires a lot of money. Not to mention that it's just uncomfortable.

Instead, it is better to use smartphones, which now almost have everyone. And these are not unfounded words. Horizon State has already tested its system in a referendum in Australia in March 2017.

Then voters used phones to vote for a proposal. For this, they did not even need knowledge about the blockchain technology. The citizen simply downloaded the application with the user-friendly interface and selected the graph he needed. Commission for transactions in the blockchain ETH was paid by the state.

Business is Here

Although elections are one of the main tasks of the Horizon State, it is far from the last. This solution can be used in completely different scales. For example, a business can conduct polls, in order to learn about the effectiveness of its product and adjust its strategy.

Horizon State allows creating a decentralized application on the top of its platform. Business can easily create an analytical application and immediately investigate the results of surveys, building their own development forecasts on them.

Market Sentiments

To create its own platform, Horizon State conducted an ICO, during which Decision Token was sold at $0.10. Investors believed in the project and invested over $1 million in its development. Crowdfunding lasted 15 days and ended on October 30, 2017. Almost immediately, Decision Token was listed in the largest exchange, where it traded at $0.30.

And that is not all. In early January, the token was up to $5.33, which brought millions of dollars in income from investments.

After the peak, the bears came to the cryptocurrency market and all coin began to become cheaper. Decision Token was no exception. Now, the token costs only $0.14. But it is still higher than the price during the ICO.

Change or Die

Everything changes. It is a part of life. And those who resist changes sooner or later become a relic of history. Democracy worked really well and provided prosperity to the world.

But if the political system does not address modern challenges, and only one way is prepared for it - non-existence. In the past, democracy did not have such tools as blockchain. But now technology is one of the engines of progress. Horizon State is an excellent example of how this "engine" changes the world. And if democracy does not take advantage of it now, then in the future it may be too late.

2 years ago

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