How Blockchain Is Solving Challenges In Taxi Industry

Taxi-hailing applications are sprouting up at a rapid rate. Services like Uber have made moving from one place to another easier. However, there is no much progress in terms of centralization.

For centralization to be realized it means that we need to have slow innovations. The innovation will be guided by the company's set goals and there will be also a unique failure point.

However, focus on growing profits and lack of competitiveness can make some of the solutions unable to withstand new projects. Some of these projects might provide room for the blockchain.

It is important to note that it is possible to link user-to-user services via platforms anchored on the blockchain. The channel will be hosted on the top of open decentralized systems.

Most taxi-hailing applications have solved the issue of user identity. Global firms are known to use millions in safeguarding personal information. However, despite this challenge being solved, we still have some gaps in the system. With the current set up, the system does not have improvement motivation due to users’ privacy protection.

With blockchain, a number of solutions are being presented. Scientists from the Central University in Peking are currently working on designs for decentralized taxi software.

Through the platform, systems will not be able to get the entire personal details of a user. It means that privacy details will not be shared with other organizations. Additionally, a client will be in a position to see all data from visitors.

Under this setup, clients can see all the visitor records. Here there will be a full control over private information. If a client resolves to drop the taxi service he will in return end access to audit platform that is interactive.

Taking the lead is Pink Taxi. The platform is focused on the importance of the blockchain network. The technology has a number of benefits that affect the operation of the taxi system. The operational part is the core of the firm. They also seek to protect women in the business.

Women are faced with unequal treatment and the platform seeks to solve these challenges. While tackling the physical nature of female security, blockchain solutions provide ways of dealing with personal information issue. Currently, the project is thriving despite having a rocky start.

2 years ago

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