How the Blockchain Provides Careless Retirement

Mankind is growing old. The life expectancy is getting longer, due to which the number of the retirees is rising. The number of people older than 60 years will grow by more than 1 billion by 2050. Each of the pensioners must be maintained, which is becoming more expensive because the number of young people is declining. Moreover, only a few pensioners receive decent housing and food. But the QUINT project knows how to use blockchain to overcome this problem.


According to the UN, in 30 years the number of people over 60 years, will increase to 2.1 billion from the current 900 million. By 2100, the situation will become even severer, because the number of 60+ years old people will increase by another 1 billion.

On one hand, it's good, because life expectancy is growing and people after 60 years can forget about work and vanity, living for their own fun. According to the UN, the average life expectancy will increase to 82.6 years by 2100. Now it is only 70.8 years.

But there is another side of the moon, elderly people significantly increase the burden on the country's budget. Moreover, the older a person is more often use medical services. The current hospitals are already jammed up and pensioners cannot get access to medical care.

There are many other problems. For example, only a few elderly people have decent housing. And some do not barely receive a normal food.

But these are solvable problems. QUINTILLION (QUINT) proves it. Its team, led by Chakrapong Dhammavisetsri, undertook to build a unique city for the elderly in the fabulous country of Thailand. In it, each of the pensioners will find a worthy occupation. And thanks to the blockchain, each of the residents will be able to appreciate the merits of the new social system called sharing economy.

The Paradise

QUiNT is a company with more than 90 years of experience in renting real estate. Now the project is building its own blockchain-based platform, where everyone can find a decent place of residence.

But this is not enough for QUiNT. The company is going to build its own city called QUINTILIION Burgh. It will arise on more than 1,200 acres near the capital of Thailand — Bangkok. It is so close to a metropolis that it can be reached in just an hour and a half.

In total, QUiNT plans to establish 9,000 homes for hundreds of thousands of residents. This city will be strikingly different from the old-school towns. After all, the primary goal of QUiNT is to create an ideal place for an aging population. So, the paradise will take into account all the needs of this category of people.

Heaven’s Blockchain

QUiNT not by chance decided to build its platform on the blockchain. This technology revealed the incredible potential of private capital. And tokenization of assets forever revolutionized the way of selling and renting real estate.

Now, between the buyer and the seller of real estate, there are no more middlemen who charge vast commissions for, in fact, idleness. Thanks to QUiNT, the two parties can conclude the transaction directly through the P2P platform.

All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which guarantees the safety of data, so you can not worry about scammers.


The QUiNT token, which ensures stable work of the platform, is based on the Ethereum blockchain system. Moreover, it is developed on the universal standard ERC-20. Thanks to this, transactions in the system take place within 10 minutes, and you do not need to pay huge bank fees or even taxes.

Another advantage of a tokenized real estate is transparency. Since all data is stored in the blockchain, anyone can check the owner of the object. So the malefactors with forged documents and resale of real estate will go into oblivion.

City of the Future

The new city - QUINTILLION Burgh - will be built embracing the high technologies. To monitor the health of residents, the team is working on a unique Medicare Tracking System. It will allow getting real-time health data using various gadgets. For example, through a smartwatch.

Pollution of the environment is not the way of development of a new city. Therefore, QUiNT is going to adopt innovative energy-efficient technologies and provide energy consumption only with renewable energy sources. Waste will be recycled in order to benefit society. Trees and forest cover will ensure the clean air and low carbon emissions.

Safety in QUINTILLION Burgh will also be at the highest level. There will be surveillance cameras on every street to instantly identify and punish malefactors. At the same time, the city will have emergency response teams that would help residents 24/7 throughout the year.

Blockchain will provide cashless society. With the help of new technology, residents will be capable to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, the residents of the city will not need to carry wallets and cash. All payments can be made using wearable gadgets.

Technologies will never become outdated as QUiNT will create a Research and Development Laboratory in the city.

QUiNT will not hesitate with the construction of the city. In three years the first phase of construction will end in the city, and the investor will be able to settle down in the city of the future.

2 years ago

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