Hosho Group Dedicated to Advancing DLT Security

A distinguished and leading blockchain security company, Hosho Group, will be conducting their first ever blockchain-based event. HoshoCon, a security event, will be held in Las Vegas in October of this year. Several topics related to blockchain and security will be brought up and discussed, including current regulatory and legal frameworks. Experts in the digital security field from every corner in the world will gather and display their new cutting-edge security tech.

The Group

Hosho Group is a well-known cybersecurity company dedicated to designing and introducing new and innovative ways of securing blockchain tech and more. The group also plans of joining together several experts from several fields, including attorneys, develops and programmers, experts on blockchain and others as a means of efficiently developing cybersecurity to even stronger highs.

Several attending members of the Hosho Convention will deliver one of a kind speeches and will conduct presentations as part of unique panels for developers attending HoshoCon. A hackathon, a sort of competitive challenge where developers actively race against the clock to uncover any faults or weaknesses and be rewarded in return.

Yo Sub Kwon, the chief executive officer of Hosho stated that the company was joyous over revealing their first blockchain security event and the change to work with side by side with some of the best and highest ranking cybersecurity figures in the world to advance and reinforce security in regards to blockchain-tech. More than often, several important security factors are often ignored or underestimated in terms of blockchain security. The company’s main objective is aiding other companies with installing their own cyber security measures by offering digital contract auditing and break-through trials.

Many leading figures and iconic cybersecurity experts will be attending the event, including Dave Museby of HyperLedger, Mikko Ohtamaa, CTO of TokenMarket and many others. The attending members will all participate in several informative presentations, workshops, meet with some of the most distinguished names in cybersecurity and more. Hosho itself is a company dedicating to offering one of a kind and robust blockchain security services to major companies and emerging projects.

2 years ago

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