HOOCH to Introduce TAP Coins into Members Application

As the first application in the world to provide hospitality services on the back of a blockchain design, HOOCH has unveiled plans to introduce TAP wallets to their service and download them into every member’s application during the token’s public launch.


As the company’s CEO stated, TAP coins are focused on hospitality services. He says that TAP tokens provide services past the original purpose of just being a digital coin. TAP tokens are used to pay for the best hospitality and lifestyle services anywhere in the world. Through the application, members will be able to fully utilize their assets and use them as a means of adding financial transfer data and turning it into a payment method.

Given the token’s popular entertainment purposes, dozens of iconic figures have expressed their support and praise towards TAP tokens. Shaun White, an international snowboarding superstar has also voiced his support for TAP tokens, followed by countless leading figures including Sir Leonard Blavatnik. Actors, athletes, investors and public figures have expressed their support of the token due to its entertainment providing services.


TAP tokens operate on a reward system to provide its users with countless benefits from using their credit cards. Through purchases on the card, TAP coins are earned and can be exchanged for countless services available including dining, drinking, entertainment and VIP services from thousands of hotels across the world.

By sharing any transaction or purchase data on their credit cards, users can purchase tokens or earn them through additional card purchases and use them to experience luxurious services from top entertainment and hospitality providers. TAP tokens can also be sent as gifts to anyone.

Further uses of TAP tokens include incredible one of a kind services like VIP snowboarding lessons with professional athletes or music-based entertainment with several established icons in the industry. Users are not the only beneficiaries of TAP token services. Brand names can also become involved and reap the many bonuses TAP provides such as personal and contractual interaction with clients.

TAP tokens are powered by blockchain and all its clients are protected on the blockchain and any sensitive customer data is removed. The launch will include 200K initial users and HOOCH is confident in the successful expansion of the token and its services.

2 years ago

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