Holochain Confirms Initial Talks with Mozilla

Holochain has recently confirmed its initial talks of a new partnership with Mozilla although no official statements regarding the product will be announced until its launch later in 2018. Matthew Schutte, the company’s DOC participated in an AMA on the 6th of August in which he stated that the project was experimental and development on it has been underway.

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Schutte also confessed to speaking with several key members at Mozilla despite refusing to share any additional information. The Mozilla Foundation is a non-prof dedicated to supporting any creativity and innovation regarding the internet and is also the creator of the well-established Firefox browser. As of now, the company is researching possible internet decentralization establishment to handle several complexities and bugs connect to governed and centralized control.

A possible collaboration between both companies has been heard in rumors for quite some time now and Jim Cook, CFO of Mozilla stated that he was fully backing Holochain through a video uploaded on YouTube earlier this year. During the AMA, he stated that Holochain was very interested in the concept of a decentralized internet. He mentioned several discussions at the DWS in San Francisco, explaining the informative discussions he went through with several Mozilla team members.


Holochain is a distributed computing program and differs from other decentralized platforms due to a different model used to achieve agreed consensus. Through sharding and its associated technology, operational nodes will efficiently launch decentralized applications and bypass any required approval from neighbor nodes to operation. This is meant as a means of stopping any “traffic jams” on the network.

One developer from the company did comment during the AMA and confirmed that a new collaboration was being processed between Mozilla and Holochain and as of now, the discussion was still in a very early stage and both teams are meeting and discussing conjoined operational methods.

Earlier this week, Holo tokens saw a huge spike in price and climbed from $0.057 to around $0.076, climbing at least 35 percent in value and pushing the full value up by an additional $40 million. According to Schutte and the company, no confirmed reason for a sudden spike in price was made and he adds that he doesn’t keep up or track Holo tokens and no significant move by the company contributed to the rise in price.

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