Holo Coin Sees Massive Spike After Listing on Binance

Holochain’s own coin, the Holo, has seen a massive climb of almost 70 percent on the 23 of July, claiming the most growth on a daily basis from all leading 100 cryptocurrencies. After Binance announced that Holo would be listed on its exchange during heavy trading traffic, the coin saw its upward spike.


Binance is one of the world’s largest and leading cryptocurrency exchanges and as of now, will begin supporting Holo with BTC and ETH trading pairs. Earlier in the day on Monday, Holo coins were trading at $0.0006 on the market only a few minutes prior to the announcement by Binance and following with a massive spike in price and holo coins climbed to $0.000943 in just a couple of hours. Binance is known to usually encourage large climbs in value while announcing new listings.

As of now, HOT is ranked at 81 among the top 100 cryptocurrencies and has over $125.5M market cap. A total of $7.4 million in trade was made over the lady day by Holo. Almost $4 million was achieved through Holo and Ethereum trading pairs on IDEX, almost $2 million from the same trading pair on Hotbit and around $1M from Fatbtc. Holo and Bitcoin began trading on Hotbit, resulting in almost $1M.


HOT uses PoW protocols and the native currency of Holochain. The company aims at aiding the people in creating dApps for mobiles by empowering them once again via the Internet and placing its control in their hands. Holochain also wants people to be able to fully handle their own data and ID and to forfeit the need of using centralized or traditional systems to make transactions. 

Holochain comments on its website, stating that centralized companies and their websites are the dominant factors, stepping it between the people, their uniqueness, and taking away control from the public. Holochains technology will allow every user to self-govern themselves as a main asset to the project.

2 years ago

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