High Paying Blockchain Jobs

The sector is known to offer lucrative perks for employees.


Blockchain Opens Up Exciting Jobs

There is a revolution in different sectors being propelled by the blockchain technology. At the moment, different sectors have integrated the technology into their systems giving themselves an opportunity to accrue a number of benefits. Healthcare and manufacturing sectors are taking the lead in adopting blockchain.

With the growth of the blockchain sector, different well-paying jobs are emerging. With each passing day, firms are looking for innovative ways of deploying the technology. To attract the best minds, these firm are offering lucrative jobs meant to promote efficiency. Here are some of the top jobs in the blockchain sector.


The entire blockchain technology is centred around innovation. To achieve these goal developers are needed. Blockchain developers are the most sought-after individuals in the entire system. Developers are needed to come up with changes that can tweak the technology to suit a variety of needs. At the moment, institutions are looking for experienced developers who already understand these market needs. These developers have broad knowledge in advanced programming languages that are needed to write code. On the salary side however, it varies depending on the company. On average, a blockchain developer can take home about $130,000 a year. The salary scale is also affected by the level of experience.

Quality Engineers

The role of quality engineers in the blockchain sector is on the rise. This group is charged with making sure that agreed upon standards are observed at every juncture of the establishment of a blockchain. In other words, these engineers are tasked with coming up with a quality project that meets market requirements.

Additionally, they offer counsel on emerging blockchain systems alongside conducting trials for the sake of developers. This category of blockchain expert tends to earn more money compared to developers. Their yearly pay ranges between $100,000 and $150,000.

Project Managers

Blockchain project management is another emerging lucrative job. With many sectors showing interest in the blockchain, different projects are coming up and they need to be managed in a professional manner. These clusters of managers are charged with communicating the needs of a company. They act as a link between the company and blockchain developers.

They run different projects linked to blockchain technologies. They must ensure companies needs are met before the final blockchain product is released into the market. Companies that wish to venture into blockchain technology usually engage project managers from the first day an idea is mooted.

Unlike other posts, applicants in this category must have a postgraduate degree in Project Management. Additionally, candidates must have sufficient knowledge of how cryptocurrencies operate for smooth work.

Blockchain Lawyer

The blockchain technology has come with a number of legal issues hence the need to retain lawyers. Many firms with interest in blockchain are seeking legal advice on matters like ICOs. Legal challenges usually arise at the launch stage.

For lawyers with interest in blockchain, salaries are negotiable depending on experience and what type of legal counsel is required.


Budding developers can gain much-needed experience by interning at blockchain firms. A look at emerging blockchain companies, a number of internship openings are filled every year, especially in the technical area.

Interns are charged with designing and setting up blockchain systems for private blockchain. A look at major blockchain internships, pay usually ranges between $15 and $30 per hour depending on the type of work and firm. Generally, it is a perfect place to start.

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