High Expectations Cause Ether To Crash, Experts Explain

The future of Ethereum looks bleak as token values drop fall below prices established by the start of 2018. Statistics indicate a continued decline in rates hitting all time lows.

Currently, Ether tokens have declined by 80% with values dropping each day. Researchers believe much of this trend is tied to great expectations coupled with growing disappointment.

The Ether Theory

Distributed Global Partner and crypto investor, Jonathan Cheesman, expanded on this theory stating that expectations in Ether altcoins are among the main reasons contributing to recent declines. NewsBTC reported Cheesman stating that the community’s expectations regarding Ethereum were too high considering the difficulty and time it takes to create a secure decentralized protocol. He also noted that the values seen today are more reasonable.

Contrary to popular belief, Ether tokens are in fact falling in line with what should be considered acceptable values however due to the 2018 crypto market boom, a sense of false hope for the currency lead to what analyzers term overvalued tokens furthering this notion of disappointment. According to Cheesement, Ether values today represent actual realistic values compared to the over inflated values at the start of this year.

Where Will Ether’s Future Lead?

Cheesman went on to add that this occurrence must be taken as a wake up call for investors as their expectations must be realistically managed. As this technology is still in its primary stage, the community must acknowledge its need for growth and act accordingly.

With this outlook, research does show that Ether tokens will bounce back and today’s values should not be regarded as low, or disappointing. Peak values should be understood as anomalies rather than expected occurrences, allowing the community to look past current values and understand its future trajectory. Growth is expected to continue with time and greater adoption of the Ethereum token.

2 years ago

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