A Heated Debate on the Fate of Cryptocurrencies; Will They Replace Government-Issued Currencies?

At a Soho Forum debate in Manhattan between ShapeShift’s Chief Executive Officer and Euro Pacific Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, the public brought up the question of whether digital currencies will replace government-issued ones. Shapeshift specializes in trading digital assets while Euro Pacific specializes in dealing with securities.

The public was allowed to engage in the debate. The votes were taken before initiating the debate and then again after the debate was concluded to recognize the winning vote.

How Was The Debate Concluded?

Shapeshift’s chief executive officer was recognized as the winner of the debate as he succeeded in convincing 15 percent of the participants of crypto’s strong position, While, his opponent succeeded in convincing the participants that he only has logical discussions about the imminent collapse of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin  

The question of whether cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, will replace real currencies still remains as the world’s top digital currency is recovering.

What A Professor Thinks of Bitcoin

A Columbia University professor who actively criticizes Bitcoin told the media in January that it is a home for outlaws and illegitimate activities.

2 years ago

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