Heated Arguments As Risky Bug Hits Bitcoin Core

The bug has led to a heated argument over the deployment of single or multiple developers.


Risks as Critical Bug is Discovered in Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core reference client has been attacked by a bug. The crypto world has been discussing the implication of the bug that was discovered about 24 hours ago. The bug is said to have been introduced in BTC 0.14 version. It means that the bug can have a negative impact on all subsequent versions.

The bug is believed to have led to the crashing of a big number of the running cores. Bitcoin Core was developed by Optech. The developers notified users that contributors rolled out a patch that mends core version 0.16.2 and the latest 0.16.3. Both versions need an instant upgrade.

Crypto lovers have been discussing the bug that got into the Bitcoin Core reference client in 2016. The cryptocurrency world has been discussing most specifically the trouble discovered in the patched bitcoin core.  The ball of contention is the fallibility by engineers deploying one reference client instead of multiple rollouts.

Bugs Goes Unnoticed For Two Years

For two years, nobody noticed about the bug that came into the system around November 2016. No concerns were raised by contributors to the core. It is believed that the bug was made public by an anonymous person who notified contributors. The implications of the bug are dire. In this case, the vulnerability presented by the bitcoin cores would enable a user with just 12.5 bitcoin core to crumble about 90% of nodes.

Optech newsletter stated that all versions from 0.14.0 to 0.16.2 would have been affected. The crash would have taken place in the event a user tried to validate a block with transactions. One thing that came up was developers being supported all these years with regards to bitcoin community. The argument was also centered around the multiple client concern.

According to history,  different clients play a key role whenever bugs come up. Therefore a section of the community argues that reliance on one client for reference was risky. The case was witnessed with ethereum. When bugs were found on the Geth platform, ethereum still had Parity clients. The bug is a clear indication that it is risky for reliance on a single development team rather multiple teams.

2 years ago

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