Has the Father of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Returned?

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Countless attempts at revealing the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin have failed for almost ten years.

Many speculate that Satoshi Nakamoto is not just one person, as the name itself is believed to be an alias. Over the years, many have claimed to be the inventor of the original cryptocurrency, such as Craig Wright of Australia.

Some also believe that Nakamoto is a group of programmers, as opposed to just one perso- and yet the identity of Bitcoin’s inventor remains unknown.

One of the most important things about Bitcoin is that it was designed to remain completely decentralized, which beckons most to even wonder if revealing the identity of its creator is necessary as this goes against the original intentions of Bitcoin since no single leading authority has complete power over it.

Seven years after reportedly disappearing from the crypto industry and taking 1 million Bitcoins with “him”, many people continue their efforts to find Satoshi and relentlessly speculate on where he went, with reports of his return popping up every now and then.

Has He Returned?

A website operating under the name of the Nakamoto Family Foundation has stated that the original Nakamoto is back and currently chronicling Bitcoin. According to the website, Nakamoto wanted to properly document everything about Bitcoin the way it happened.

A puzzle was also embedded on the website, with those that solve it rewarded with the name of Nakamoto’s book, “Honne and Tatamae”. When translated, the phrase expresses the differences between feelings and desires.

The book is meant to detail the conception of Bitcoin and its history. A passage from the text posted on the site explores the creation of Bitcoin and the thought process Nakamoto underwent during the conception and development of the currency.

With the new website’s debut and the claims on its front page, outrage has sparked between the digital currency community as many refuse to believe that the original creator is back. According to the community, many suspicious aspects of the website were noticeable, such as poor writing, and the fact that by starting this website, Nakamoto has made it too easy to reveal his identity.

2 years ago

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