Cryptopia Attackers Sold $3.2 Million of Stolen Tokens Through 17 Exchanges

Hackers attacked crypto exchange Cryptopia in mid-January 2019. The research company Elementus claims that malefactors managed to steal $16 million in various tokens. Of these, hackers have already sold $3.2 million on large exchanges.

On January 15, New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia announced that hackers had been able to crack its security systems. The platform did not disclose how much money it had lost due to the attack, but suspended its activities and asked for help from the authorities.

The research company Elementus conducted own investigation and found out that the attackers managed to steal more than $16 million in tokens. Moreover, according to the company, 15 days after the hacking, Cryptopia was unable to fix the breach in the system and hackers gained absolute control over the exchange’s ethereum wallets. So, in addition, hackers stole another 1,675 ETH for a total sum of $180,000.

Now, hackers have started selling stolen coins. According to Elementus, as for February 4, the attackers sold cryptocurrencies worth $3.2 million. Most of the “dirty” tokens went through Etherdelta. There the hackers sold $2 million in tokens. The second largest exchange for the sale of stolen crypto from Cryptopia turned out to be Binance. On it, hackers sold $335,398 in tokens. In the past, the head of Binance Changpeng Zhao stated the exchange froze the accounts associated with the attack on Cryptopia.

In total, the attackers used 17 crypto exchanges to sell stolen tokens.

Elementus data

1 year ago

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