Hackers Stole $1 Billion Worth Crypto in 2018

In 2018, hackers broke all records and stole almost $1 billion worth cryptocurrency in 3 quarters only. The exchanges suffered the most from the hands of hackers. 
According to a CipherTrace report, hackers committed more thefts in just 6 months of 2018 than in all of 2017. In total, for 9 months of this year, the attackers managed to steal $927 million. The company expects by the end of the year the situation will only get worse, and the amount of the stolen money will reach or even exceed $1 billion.

Among the biggest thefts in the third quarter, CipherTrace identified an attack on Bithumb, during which the exchange lost $30 million, Bancor with a damage of $23.5 million, and Coinrail where hackers managed to steal $40 million.

Coincheck and BitGrail experienced the most large-scale attacks in 2018. The first lost $530 million due to the malefactors, and the second lost $195 million.

1 year ago

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