Hackers Presently Offering Login Data of the Brazilian Federal Highway Police in Return for $200 in bitcoin

Recently, a Brazilian media reported that unidentified source informed it about the plan. However, most of the people were not aware of the scheme.


They further disclosed that the two parties used Telegram as a communication tool during the negotiation process. Additionally, negotiations were conducted by the use of ProtonMail email service. The primary intention was to hide their illegal business while communicating via a network. It is the reason why they had to change the format of the data through encryption.

An anonymous source revealed that the leaked information originated from banks social systems. Others came from online trading sites. Moreover, it was discovered that some workers used their emails to create accounts on these kinds of external location.

Lots Of Influence After Admission

TecMundo said that those who can gain access into the police system have a lot of influence. This means that infiltrators can now access vital information. For instance, they can get any information about a vehicle such as its owner and information about fines.

The news outlet said that it was easy to access the system and fine any vehicle within the Brazilian Jurisdiction. Someone only needs to enter vehicle information, license plate and the driver of the car.

The platform lacks security features such as two step authentication before being able to access it in order to issue fines. In this case, infiltrators are also able to fill out police incident reports. TecMundo also observed that individuals can release cars from police custody using this approach.

Safety Is Of Highest Importance

TecMundo decided to give the Federal Highway Police information regarding the system.

The police promised to carry out investigations about the issue and take appropriate action. They also promised to maintain transparency in the conduct of business within society. The step will ensure that people’s rights to privacy are duly respected.

Emilio Simoni said that those with official emails should use them for the intended purpose. They can use them when carrying out activities related to their duties. In future, systems should have security features that will make it more difficult for hackers to gain access. Legal action should also be taken against those who hack systems to discourage such behaviors in future.

2 years ago

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