Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Published Article on BTC Basics

Abra’s Chief Executive Officer and founder Bill Barhydt answered a few important questions and offered basic steps regarding cryptos in a post published by Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website. If the key is adopting cryptos on a massive scale or in creating awareness via retail services, then the published article about basic steps on using digital currencies on Paltrow’s marquee Goop is one positive step in that direction.  


Abra is a crypto exchange platform app and its CEO sat down and answered a few questions about the fundamentals of cryptos, blockchain technology, and investment. Barhydt mainly referred to BTC in his answers but included in the interview his views on some altcoins in a brief manner.

Constantly Improving

He noted how currently there are thousands of cryptos available in the market today, and even more will be introduced on a daily basis. Some of these versions of cryptos are basically the same structure as the BTC, but looking to provide solutions for certain issues. He mentioned that Litecoin, for instance, enables transactions that are done faster and a lot cheaper, while Dash takes the issue of privacy into consideration more.  

Barhydt also stated that the basic idea of investing in cryptos is very similar to normal investments and encourages the readers of the lifestyle brand to begin by purchasing BTC that’s worth a value of $10 via Abra, not missing a chance to plug his organization’s app.

While Goop is known for providing some dubious medical advice, the fact that they introduced an expert in the crypto industry to talk about a new and swiftly rising technology was an opportunity to educate readers  is a great step that could just increase the adoption of digital currencies.

1 year ago

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