Gujarat Officials in India Accused of Bitcoin Money Laundering

The INC has accused the Gujarat officials of laundering corrupt funds through Bitcoin, and have called for an immediate investigation into the matter.



An INC representative stated that the entire laundering operation had amounted to a whopping $726 million, although other outlets have suggested that the complete number had exceeded that of $12B in total.


Shaktisinh Gohil said that Gujarat’s BNP had been laundering their assets through Bitcoin. According to him, those puppeteering the entire effort had escaped before authorities discovered the laundering scam.


The minister of the INC reported that the BNP had shrouded their money laundering operations using the states’ previous demonetization regulation, and utilized Bitcoin as a means of polishing their assets and extortion.



As stated by the INC representative, crimes involving cryptocurrencies are not unusual in Gujarat. Many reported cases of police corruption and extortion as well as kidnappings take place to exploit successful individuals into handing over their digital assets. This includes the current money laundering scheme of the BNP.


He uses the case of Shailesh Bhatt as an example, explaining that the victim was reportedly extorted by corrupt members of the police into paying $4.6 million for the return of two hundred confiscated coins.


The BNP has voiced its own opposition, stating that the INC was accusing the ruling party under false pretenses, and voiced its demand for a proper and fair investigation by the Supreme Court to clear these accusations once and for all.

2 years ago

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