A Guide to Mastering ETH Will be Out in December

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, the Greek-British BTC supporter and Gavin Wood, made a Reddit declaration that his and Gavin Wood’s co-authored manual titled “Mastering Ethereum” is on the fast track to its final stage; print. The manual takes developers on a know-how journey for setting-up a solid network of ETH.


The guide is a collaborative effort by many people, like the editors; Binns and Francisco Rojas, and community members like Hudson Jameson and Luri Matias; the paper guide is the end result of the mental vigor of the co-authors but the vast contributions are an undeniable sign for the collective support and growth-desire of the community.

Antonopoulos admits to having some content cracks but that’s why there’s a follow-up coming after; a refined, edition number two, that tackles all the flaws.


The guide will hit GitHub on the 10th of December, to satisfy all reading tastes, both PDFs and hard copies will be freely available. The book abides by the CCL for a year, therefore, it’s only for personal use and not the marketing allowing the free use by the end of 2019.

The blockchain industry is a survival of both the fastest and well-informed, it needs constant learning and that’s one reason all educational systems have invested in building a bridge of knowledge for those dipping their first foot in the water with a beam of laser pointed at the business and commercial sides more than growth and technically laden  details.  

The concept of decentralization is in its infancy and that’s why education is crucial for standing and walking on solid ground and allowing for more room in the space for growth, stated by Nick Johnson to ETHNews, who contributed to reviewing one chapter from the book.

Nick also said despite the content gaps, all available are answers to many questions and therefore, filling other gaps in someone else’s mind.

2 years ago

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