GSR Capital to Invest $160M in tZERO

Hong Kong-based GSR Capital has recently signed a deal with digital asset exchange, tZERO, to purchase $160 million in tokens at ten dollars each, according to new announcements.

Founded in 2004, GSR Capital consists of three separate teams to manage its Ventures, United Capital and Capital firms. The purpose of each team is to provide one of a kind investment services and distinguished leadership.

tZERO is a blockchain development sister company of which is designed to continue enhancing monetary technology through decentralized and secured registers.

tZERO tokens operate on the Ethereum platform and are not part of company assets, with ten percent of all tokens acquired going to investors as per reports.


Chief Executive Officer of tZERO commented on the recent deal, expressing the joy behind GSR’s investment and how the company aims to be the first ever to launch an STE. Through the new investment, tZERO’s project will see a massive boost as it attempts to implement platform technology into capital markets.

Among other recent partnerships tZERO has been making, a collaboration with BOX digital markets to further accelerate the launching of its new platform has been announced.

GSR Capital is located in a few major cities, including Beijing with investment ties biotech, clean energy and much more.

2 years ago

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