Green Consensus Bitkop Project to Shift Crypto Sphere

Bitkop has launched a new project aimed at reshaping and terminating every illegal act underway within the blockchain industry. Titled Green Consensus, many companies have already begun showing their support of Bitkop’s new initiative.


As part of a mission to end all criminal activities within the crypto environment, the new project is aimed at “purifying” the entire community from fake and misleading information and assets like tokens as well as bringing an end to hacking and crypto jacking attacks. Among its many backers includes TokenSky. 

Green Consensus aims to draw more attention to cyber and crypto security measures as a campaign with protective purposes. Many have gathered to fund and develop the project, among them, being Wang Zishang, founder of TokenSky and Gong Ming, the leading mind, and developer of Cybex. 

The trading exchange explained that the BC industry was required to produce profit on a global scale and provide developmental opportunities as it once did. Its exchange provides one the clearest platforms around and hosts many the public release of coins, provides fund organization services as well as many others.


The exchange currently houses more than two hundred thousand invested traders and its native currency are mostly owned by them, as well as over one thousand bitcoins in volume. During its launch, Green Consensus made it a requirement for every participating party to publicly read the projects declaration of a mission to unite crypto globally and provide a properly functioning environment free of crime and other negative issues.

Validating blockchain startups around the world must come from honest investors as well as regulators and anyone involved in the crypto-blockchain industry to ensure justice and eliminate malicious initiatives. 

2 years ago

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