Graphic Cards See Drop in Income Due to Lower Mining Interest

CMI has stated that mining for cryptocurrencies is declining in numbers and graphic card companies will see lower revenues in the months to come. In a report, the company explained that market demands from digital mining was consistently decreasing, despite the initial spike in demand at the beginning of the year. The decrease has affected GC sales, as fewer demands for cards are being made.

Capital Investment seems to only express concerns regarding card demands, while one good outcome could be the potential normalization of graphic card prices making a return. Specialized mining chips have seen a rise in popularity as computers becoming increasingly lacking in power to mine cryptocurrencies.


Bitmain, a mining company, is continuously working to refine mining technology which utilizes ASIC’s for mining purposes, and is actively developing methods of implementing its technology into platforms that otherwise would not support the chips. As a result, poor profits from mining through general processing units is expected to see a huge plummet.




A study of the Zcash framework revealed that forty percent of its networks mining operations were carried out with ASIC, which completely nullifies traditional mining methods and exposes the network to a potential attack, contradicting its initial design to provide security against such issues.


A spokesman for card manufacturer Gigabyte reported the eventual increase in demands for motherboards and decrease for graphics cards as GPU prices are predicted to plummet in the coming year.

2 years ago

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