Google’s SMS Messaging Tech Leader Joins Ripple

During the last few months, many startup companies have been eyeing the most talented individuals in the industry hoping to entice them to join. The latest hire demonstrates this perfectly, as Ripple has announced the hiring of Google’s technology manager of messaging systems, Amir Sarhangi.


Following along the lines of many tech leaders in the industry, Sarhangi has chosen to leave Google’ technology world behind to start his new job at Ripple. He is the founder of Jibe Mobile, in which time he led the implementation of a framework for messaging described as a descendant of the system for SMS texts.

As he started working at Google, he constructed his work based on Jibe Mobile and designed Google’s RCS, a wireless system for messages. The RCS was first released back in September; however, its spread was halted as it is not compatible with the popular iPhone and is accessible in a restricted way only through Samsung Galaxy. Nonetheless, his skills and expertise earned him a spot at one of the leading tech companies in the world.

New Ventures

Sarhangi’s job at Ripple will be as the VP of products, which entails managing the development process of RippleNet, the firm’s own network of banks along with many fintech organizations who plan on implementing Ripple for transactions globally. His brilliant working experience in global communications will be very useful for the startup as he develops an international payment network for Ripple.

Sarhangi had first been brought onto Google’s extended team as it obtained his startup company Jibe Mobile back in 2015. Since then, the innovator has been leading the developed tech from his project into wireless systems to produce RCS. The product has been dubbed the next in line to regular SMS texts with better handling of multimedia as well as messages for commercial purposes like receipts or a boarding passes via cellular networks.

This is not the first time that majorly talented individuals from the financial and technology world transfer to working in the blockchain industry. It seems to be a growing trend and signals an encouraging indication for the entire field. With more experienced and talented employees working in the industry, it is sure to raise the bar on a myriad of works produced. In addition, it can enhance the image of the sector in front of major figures in the crypto-sphere.

Ripple has also announced that XRP can be found on Yobit, and also for Brazil's Real via OmniTrade.

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