Google Unbans Cryptocurrency Exchange Ads

Earlier in 2018, Google stated that cryptocurrency exchanges would not be allowed to advertise on its service although Coinbase has begun promoting its platform and services on Google once again following a change of mind by the IT-tech giant. 

The Ban

The ban on all crypto advertisements from any digital exchange was issued in March and hardly lasted. According to the announcement, Google changed its financial policies to include crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies and any technology affiliated with them like digital wallets, trading advice, ICO’s and more. 

So far, the change in rules has only made lasted a couple of months and while no official report or statement has been made, advertisements for Coinbase are appearing on Googles search engine. Facebook had initially banned all cryptocurrency related advertisements on its website, introducing a new ban and stating that no advertisements should be promoting any services or products that are known to be associated with unreliable systems, monetary schemes, misleading information and more. This extends to ICO’s and cryptocurrencies as well.

As of now, Google and Facebook are taking it down and easing their adamancy on the prior bans. Last month, Facebook began permitting cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise on their website by applying for permission first, a new mandatory rule for any others looking to similarly promote crypto-everything on Facebook although binary and initial coin offerings are still banned from being promoted. 

Chief Executive Office of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, posted on Twitter and said that Facebook has permitted the exchange to begin advertising once again in the prior week. However, no statements regarding Google have been made, as advertisements have just begun popping up with no prior remarks and the leading search engine has not altered its policies yet, with the ban still posted among them. 

2 years ago

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