Google Trend Chart Displays Bitcoin Interest

Any Bitcoin bull following the market right now know is on standby for the recent downslope to reverse itself and launch the next major bull run. Bitcoin is a product that has drawn more attention to itself than anything else of this magnitude since the internet. As with any source of interest, “celebrities” are bound to surface. Many of these leading idols in finance are usually asked about their opinion on the first cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin is easily among the most popular and widespread innovations in this era and has reached every corner of the world. According to graphs and charts by Google, if people lost interest in Bitcoin, its price will heavily drop and is attributed to a direct connection to media interest.

Bitcoin displays continuous interest by each passing day. Interestingly enough, according to the Google charts, it seems that stock market interest rises when stocks take a dip although the opposite occurs for digital currencies.

Due to President Donald Trump’s trade war and China devaluing heavily, Bitcoin interest does not seem like a concern. Bitcoin mining income suggests that crypto is indeed a soft market despite BTC taking a different direction, in return suggesting that BTC is indeed solid while cryptocurrencies, in general, are still essentially infantile and as a result, should Bitcoin prosper, all alternative coins will follow.

From an investors perspective, now is the time to observe BTC and monitor its progress and should another bull run on the market seem likely, an action is then taken. The next big boom of Bitcoin will require some trigger to set it off despite previously being driven by increased prices and upward trends.

2 years ago

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