Google Reverses Ban on Digital Exchange Ads for US and Japan

Google announced an official statement regarding an updated policy to take place this October, allowing select digital asset businesses the ability to post advertisements on the platform. The post was released today, 25th of September, stating that Google plans to allow digital currency exchanges with registered status to issue ads on the platform with a specific target of Japanese and US-based users.

The official company posted stated that those who wish to advertise will be required to obtain Google certification pertaining to local regions in which the advertisements will be directed towards. Applications for such certification will begin once the updated policy has been launched during October.  

Major Policy Shift Indicates Significant Change for Crypto Businesses

This major shift in policy follows an official announcement issued early this year, in which all virtual currency-based businesses were prohibited from placing advertisements on the Google platform. This move was dubbed unfair by insider critics and crypto aficionados.

Similarly, this June the popular social media platform, Facebook, also reversed its advertisement ban to now permit ads from exclusive digital currency firms, however opted to maintain the ongoing ban on ICO-based ads. Further details regarding the latest Google policy update will be issued soon.

2 years ago

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