Google Debunks Crypto Ban Rumors

Google’s latest ban on cryptocurrency advertisements has undoubtedly stirred up ruckus within the community. Google’s AdWords, later changed to Google Ads, has seen rumors that its service will be exempt from the ad-ban by Google given that it has no relation to the service although the company begs to differ. The ban will still extend to Google Ads.


Safety and Precaution

Google has actively implemented several precautions attributed to the company’s complete avoidance of the dark side of the cryptocurrency environment. The company previously removed MetaMask, a digital wallet for Ethereum, earlier this month from its browser store which resulted in wildfires across the community. MetaMask has attempted to thwart its removal from the Chrome store despite no success.

Circulating Rumors

In 2018, the tech giant revealed that cryptocurrency advertisements would be completely forbidden from its platform. The ban came as a result of common concerns in almost every crypto-related industry, malicious acts, scams, and fraud through crypto-promotion. Announcing the decision, this put Google alongside Facebook and Twitter in their initiative to bring down cryptocurrency fraud and other crime. Facebook did eventually lift the ban on crypto-ads placed on its platform.

Rumors surrounding Google were aimed at a possibility of the ban’s change given the company’s additional review of its services and operations. From Reddit, one uploading user apparently posted a picture claiming that the company is returning advertisements from Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Following the crazy number of rumors flying around, Google posted on its own Twitter account that Advertisements of cryptocurrencies and any other related topics are banned on the company’s service. In addition, anyone may call in and acquire the information they may need or want from the company in regards to the ban.

2 years ago

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