Google Cloud Introduces new Blockchain Kit for Developers

Google and Blythe Masters, formerly of JPMorgan have collaborated to equip Google's cloud developers with a much simpler means of creating blockchain solutions for big-time enterprises.

Hand in Hand

On the 23rd of July, an announcement of the new joint effort will bring Digital Asset, Blythe Master’ DLT company to introduce a brand new SDK for developers coding on Google Cloud. This will allow them to trial and create new blockchain-apps by bypassing the need to code the whole platform on their own.

Leading Google Cloud’s FSP, Leonard Law spoke of the incredible potential distributed ledger tech has for several industries. According to him, DLT will greatly benefit clients throughout many industries and won’t just be restricted to finance. He also pointed to the toolkit designed for the cloud and everyone’s anticipation of the new software.

Additionally, Masters stated that the collaboration with Google was a means of equipping every developer with intricate and advanced solutions to enable their full potential in regards to online innovation in blockchain. The current head executive of Digital Asset and previous Chief Financial Officer of JPMorgan went on say that the new and improved DLT designed in collaboration with Google will overcome numerous difficulties related to the development of DLT apps.

The DLT company is hoping that it’s the latest partnership will draw additional programmers and coders to its DAML program that is, as of now, available on Orbitera, a marketplace app on Google Cloud. Equipped with the new kit, developers will be fully-armed with all the necessary tools required to create and released intricate dApps.

Google Cloud isn’t the first cloud service that has designed and equipped BC-tools for programmers and developers. A while back in 2018, Amazon WS designed simplified templates for ETH and HyperLedger blockchains as a means of providing developers with every tool they require to create their apps and stepping over any need to type up the founding code all on their own.

Oracle has also revealed its plan to launch a Payment as a Service blockchain come the end of July and distributed applications will begin deploying in August.

2 years ago

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