Google CEO Surprises Many After Revealing His Son Mines Ether

Pichai claims that his 11-year-old son has a better understanding of ethereum compared to fiat.


Sundar Pichai’s Son Mines Ethereum Using the Family PC

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of tech giant Google has surprised many after revealing that his 11-year old son has joined the crypto industry by mining ethereum. It is always a great event for the cryptocurrency sector when leading figures in the technology industry share their opinion. Such opinion plays a big role in pushing for adoption.

During a recent event organized by the New York Times, Pichai made the revelation when asked about his personal view on children and technology. In his response, Sundar equated the situation to his personal life stating that he shares a lot in common with other parents. He was referring to the challenge of managing screen time with kids for technological advancement.

He later delved into the unexpected by revealing that his son has taken a shine to digital currencies. Sundar stated that his son was greatly involved in the growing sector.

Sundar revealed that while at dinner with his son whose name is Per, he was discussing bitcoin before receiving the surprise of his lifetime. He was interrupted by his son who reminded him that he was referring to ethereum but not bitcoin, a mistake made by many a layperson. 

The son further revealed that he was taking part in mining using their home computer. Per was mining without using ASIC and Computer Servers. From his revelation, it appears that the mining was going on without the knowledge of Sundar, which is quite an irony.

This is not the only isolated case from Google. Back in July, Sergey Brin, a Google co-founder said that his son had mined ethereum. According to Brin, his 10-year-old’s mining venture was a collaboration between patriarch and heir.

He said that the son had requested a gaming computer before starting ethereum mining.

Sundar added that he was later forced to explain to his son the difference between state-issued currencies, the normal financial system and crypto. Sundar added that his son had a better understanding of ethereum than he did of fiat.

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