Google Adopts DLT to Provide Fintech and Cloud Solutions

As per the 23rd of July, Google announced its plans to launch blockchain tech as a means of providing financial technology and cloud service solutions. As with many leading tech companies in the industry, Google is the latest to join in.


Better Solutions

In the announcement, Google stated that it shook hands with two companies based on blockchain. In a collaborated effort with both, the company plans on providing distributed ledger solutions on its Cloud or GCP. The new tech will enable all its users to take a deeper look into how customers will utilize the DLT framework.

BlockApps, as its name suggests, is a company that offers a stable and user-friendly platform for developers looking to launch their own dApps. On the other hand, Digital Asset supplies DLT software to the financial technology sector.

Within the statement, the company said that it was collaborating with others to design and launch a more efficient cloud system for users and allow them to develop and test integrations including HyperLedger and ETH procedures on the Cloud’s market. Blythe Masters, the chief executive officer at Digital Asset has pointed out that these new solutions would provide a much more user-friendly and welcoming introduction to the development of dApps and bypass their hindering technical issues.

Google is hopping onto the blockchain-service industry, collaborating with both companies and joining several major leading companies that provide BaaS, blockchain-as-a-service. Among these leading tech giants are Microsoft, IBM, and others.

Earlier this year, Google officially announced that it has banned all advertisements related to crypto and Facebook applied the same rules albeit unbanning the crypto-ads at a later date. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google has also admitted to mining ETH, referring to it as a “side hustle.”

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