Good News Galore for Tron Lovers

The Tron cryptocurrency has gained by over 11% in value. The development was shared through founder Justin Sun’s Twitter handle on Tuesday. The 11th ranked crypto is showing positive signs amid the current crypto market plunge. 

Sun further revealed that unde the Tron project a new social media Dapp was born. The application dubbed TronChat is expected to fight for market dominance with the likes of Facebook and Youtube. The application comes with additional unique features. Apart from socializing, users will earn TRX, which serves as Tron’s native token.

Experts argue that the application was born to fill gaps by current social platforms such as user security. Recently, users on Facebook have adapted extra security measures after the firm was accused of leaking private information to third parties. And now Tron Chat seeks to offer users less worry in addition to earning money through social engagements online.

The app will offer all traditional features associated with social sites while it also ensures that they are in a position to fix a TRX rate in order to view posts by friends. The program has been dubbed content premium which is optional. Apart from content, the feature is also available for messaging.

Sun added that KuCoin exchange had agreed to enlist TRX on its platform. Considering daily trading, KuCoin sits at position 53 worldwide.The platform has a daily trading capacity of $17 Million in tokens. At the start, tron will be traded in the TRX/BTC, TRX/ETH pairs. With the listing, Tron’s prices might go high because of anticipated deposits.

On top of these good news, the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) is expected to hit the industry soon. On the other hand, about ERC 20 tokens were burned by the Tron Foundation.The tokens represent a market value of $670 representing the fourth consignment of tokens to be burnt.

With the news, Tron lovers have every reason to smile since the future looks bright. With price spike, Tron has set momentum to be enrolled among leading cryptos since it is showing signs of hitting the market cap.

2 years ago

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