Goldman Sachs Agrees to Teach Korea Post Reps. About Crypto

As reported by Bloomberg, South Korean postal service, Korea Post, plans to discuss digital currencies with digital asset experts at multinational investment firm, Goldman Sachs. The national service provider has scheduled upcoming meetings with Goldman Sachs’ representatives towards the month’s end within Hong Kong.


Kang Seong-Ju, Korea Post president, responded during an interview that himself and the Chief Executive Officer at Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, held a meeting to further arrange the study of digital assets and blockchain related technology during his visit to New York.

An Unlikely Pair to Discuss Crypto Technology

The government-backed company not only provides the public with postal services, but insurance solutions and handles savings deposits as well. Controlling more than $112 billion worth of assets, Korea Post is considered to be conservative regarding their investment strategies. On the other hand, it has shown a growing interest in both blockchain and crypto technologies. Not only is the postal service managed by the very same government that issued nationwide warnings against the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, but Goldman Sachs’ recent step backs from their own crypto-based project makes this collaboration interesting, to say the least.

During another interview, Seong-Ju confirmed his agreement with Goldman Sachs to take part in discussions concerning the development of blockchain tech and digital currencies. He mentioned requesting information and advice regarding cryptocurrency in order to maintain an understanding of the growing global demand.

No Interest in Crypto Investments

Currently, the company has no official interest to invest in digital assets, however, is very much concerned with how and why these technologies are gaining global attention. Despite abandoning their crypto trading desk project, Sachs is now ready to offer industry level investors crypto-based custody solutions. Goldman Sachs also refused to comment on discussions arranged with Korea Post representatives. The CEO did, however, mention that general research into digital currency will play a major role in the firm’s overall plan to revolutionize their own investment strategies.

2 years ago

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