Gobbill, CoinTree Partnership: Users Can Pay Bills in Crypto

Digital Wallet users can finally pay their bills in cryptocurrency using the Gobbill App, the automation AI system for bill-payment services.

The partnership between CoinTree and Gobbill allows users to pay their bills using any of the two platforms in crypto. CoinTree currently uses cross-digital currencies, so bills now can be paid in BTC, ETH, LC, or any other digital currency supported by CoinTree.

Gobill developers have included an option where users can choose to attach their wallet to their Gobill account, making it easy for them to choose cryptocurrency as a payment option, along with bank accounts or credit cards. The exchange process is run through Gobill allowing the user’s payment will go through even if the biller does not directly accept payments in crypto.

Looking Forward

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gobbill believes in the opportunity that this partnership can produce, and how it would add value to his users’ experience. His newly announced partner, CoinTree’s CEO Shane Stevenson, also stated that the partnership has great potential in the current market.

He also adds that by having Gobbill continue to offer customers fast automatic payment methods that are secure and fraud-free, and by giving them the option of choosing how they want to pay, they can assure the best customer experience and a growth in the number of customers on both platforms for years to come.

2 years ago

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