GitHub Now Offering DATA’s DTA Token, and It’s On the Rise

With online advertising rapidly growing into a well-established industry, there are many obstacles yet to be faced. Some of these challenges include the limits presented to centralized digital advertising, the degree to which user experience is affected by ads, fraud, and many more complex issues. Each year, financial losses add up to the millions due to a lack of trust in the advertising ecosystem. Luckily, blockchain presents some compelling solutions to help combat these issues effectively.

DATA Now Available on Github

According to recent social media buzz, the company released an official Tweet June 30 stating that it was excited to announce its availability on GitHub, a top software development network.

The company is optimistic about the shift as it presents countless new opportunities for the public as well as developers. With a growth spurt in recent days, DTA has shown to increase in value close to a $0.007 dollar with 2% growth increase in only one day.

Getting to Know DATA

DATA, an AI trust partnership and decentralized approach aiming to help promote and improve the existing relationship between the online community and advertisers. With the use of AI that helps deter fraud, the network is striving to become the entity able to solve some of the industry’s longest standing issues.

Numerous competitors including AdEx, BAT, and AdChain also share similar goals however rather than taking the big picture perspective, each tends to focus in on very specialized solution plans pertaining to distinct issues.

Existing Competitors

As one of DATA’s main competitors, AdChain presents an Ethereum centered protocol registering all non-fraudulent domains based on token holders. It's true that AdChain created a voting system in which the community is given the ability to choose a list of advertisers known to not utilize fraudulent tactics. However, when compared to DATA, this solution proves insufficient when dealing with greater issues the industry battles. Instead, the company aims to use AI capabilities to deter fraud within the advertising ecosystem.

The key difference between the two making DATA unique in its set up is that AdChain doesn’t rely on blockchain but rather Ethereum. In addition, AdChain isn't set up to restrict fraudulent sites from participating in voting as well as including non-whitelisted sites to the list.

Another competitor paving its own way called AdEx is based on a decentralized platform for ad exchange. The company intends to provide advertisement solutions with a reduced cost of advertising. Holding up the fort, DATA offers the unique concept of rewarding users for contributing as well as holding reputable statuses.

Growing competitor, BAT, focuses on improving the overall efficiency of ad market as a whole with the use of the ERC-20 asset. Similar to AdChain, this competitor bases its foundation on Ethereum rather than a blockchain. BAT’s token is centralized, however, limiting tokens to be utilized within the platform itself. Lacking in Artificial Intelligence, the company remains unable to effectively deter fraud within the online ecosystem.

Why DATA stands unparalleled

The reason why DATA is so successful is that it empowers users, encouraging them to build relationships with advertisers as well as gain rewards for contributing. The company’s AI technology has the unique potential to rid the ecosystem of fraud.

Another key aspect of DATA’s plan is to implement a four-layered platform which includes multiple layers consisting of mobile storage, blockchain, and application processing. Providing the most comprehensive solution plans, DATA rises above its competitors truly creating a plan to secure non fraudulent activities within the industry’s ecosystem.

2 years ago

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