Giant Mining Farm Staring At Closure Over Noise Pollution

A large-scale cryptocurrency farm in Oslo, Norway is facing closure over noise pollution. The firm run by Kryptovault has been accused of creating disturbance from noise by its machines.

According to locals, the machines run each and every day even in the summer. A disturbed neighbour even went to the extent of threatening to blow up the farm because it was sabotaging peace.

According to the owner, the bomb threat is being treated seriously since intruders might gain access to the facility in Dale.The mining facility is an old paper mill with over 9000 mining rigs using 40MW of power.

Notably, the facility is environmentally friendly since it deploys wind power, but the only challenge is noise pollution emanating from massive cooling fans. Small mining rigs can lead to a lot of noise, and being on a large scale, the situation is worsened. It is therefore advisable that large-scale miners move away from residential areas.

Already, local authorities have taken over the matter, accusing Kryptovault of illegally running the farm due to lack of proper approvals.The government now wants the farm closed.

However, Kryptovault has argued that proper documentation is available. A legal battle is therefore in the works.

In case of a shutdown, the farm might not recover anytime soon considering the current state of the market. Miners in bitcoin are facing difficulties for some time now. The company is now erecting noise blocking equipment while applying for the relevant permits.

2 years ago

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