Giant Bitcoin Logos Projected on Financial Institutions In Slovakia

After several residents of Bratislava noticed massive Bitcoin and Monero logo projections on several financial institutes, countless photos and videos were uploaded to social media platforms by users.



Paralelni Polis, a cryptocurrency Czech party, was the responsible projector of the giant logos. The party owns several crypto-related businesses in Prague, including a café and central hub as part of its operations. Through videos documenting the projections, the protesting group targeted various banks in Bratislava, stating that these local banks were providing a lower level of service towards cryptocurrency holders and users.

As per the uploaded post depicting the protest, its uploader added a caption saying financial institutes in Slovakia turned cryptocurrency users and technology away in fear of government regulations and authorities. 

Further adding to the uploads and comments about the protest, a statement explained that cryptocurrencies services and providers were constantly being denied operations within the country. The giant projections acted as a means of “drawing banks out of the dark” and demanded equality for the digital token environment.


As Bitcoin became more popular through the years and various mainstream industries are utilizing the currency and its features, Europe has been banning cryptocurrency-related operations, especially cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Banks in Poland and Holland have recently received severe criticism for their harsh responses towards cryptocurrency businesses as potential threats to the economy. 

In regards to crypto-adopting countries, Switzerland has displayed an active involvement in crypto. The country’s governmental authorities have opened arms to the integration of blockchain and crypto within governmental systems.

2 years ago

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