German Police Arrested Crypto Miners for Stealing Electricity Worth $250,000

The authorities of the German city of Klingenthal arrested six people. According to the police, they stole electricity for cryptocurrency mining. The losses inflicted on the state exceed a quarter of a million dollars.

According to local media FreiePresse, five men and one woman set up a mining farm in the premises of the former electric company PGH Elektro. In total, the police found 49 computers, 30 of which utilized special mining equipment.

According to the authorities, the alleged criminals have been mining since 2017. During this time, they spent electricity that could provide light to 30 households. The total number of losses, according to police estimates, exceeds $250,000.

This is not the first time when the police seize miners for stealing electricity. For example, in December, a resident of Taiwan was caught. He is accused of stealing electricity worth $3 million.

1 year ago

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