Gemini Dollars and Paxos Standard Authorized by NY Regulators

With the fear revolving around Tether, its almost seems that a new stablecoin will pop up every week. Tuesday, financial regulators in New York have, however, approved the release of two new stablecoins in the market: the Winklevoss twins Gemini and Charles Cascarilla’s Paxos Standard. 


New on the Market

The finance department has given the authorization to Paxos Trust and Gemini Trust for revealing their stablecoins, which meets standards set by US Dollar. Both the Paxos Standard and Gemini Dollars are an ERC20 token, which complies with the traditional fiat dollar.

Department of Financial Service superintendent, Maria T. Vullo, remarked that the country is encouraging the continual innovation that is occurring in the financial sector. With the approvals given to both the trusts, there can be the remarkable transformation of standards, while keeping parity with the regulations set by the state that ensures customer protection and regulation of entities.


Following the approval, the regulatory board ensures that the companies using both Paxos Standard and Gemini Dollar complies by the regulations set for illegal activities such as fraud, financing terror organizations, and money laundering. It is essential to look after the customer protection norms and warn them about the seizure of tokens in case of fraudulent activities. As such, these tokens can be permanently unusable and will be destroyed.

Cascarilla, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paxos, finds this an exciting opportunity to offer its stable coin to the global economy that is trusted, redeemed, approved, audited, and regulated.

2 years ago

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