GBX Introduces Third Company Listing as Crowdvilla

As Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange continues its mission of adding new startups and companies to its listing, Crowdvilla has been announced as the third member to join. Crowdvilla is a startup aimed at providing real estate ownership on a global scale and making the industry more accessible to any participant.

The Startup

Crowdvilla is a startup based on improving global conditions related to any aspect possible. As a non-profit startup, Crowdvilla was originally launched with the intent of expanding their hotel and vacation properties to any user via their native token, the CRV. By using these tokens to build their framework, users will have shared access to any of the company’s portfolio-listed accommodations. The company was launched in Singapore and has recently joined the GBX listing.

GBX Grid, an extension of its parent company, GBX, plans to become the leading exchange in terms of cryptocurrency exchanging on the platform as well as hosting major token sales. CRV was the latest to join after GBX thoroughly conducted research into any company that would benefit its listing and platform.

Crowdvilla’s Chief Executive Officer expressed his excitement behind the new listing, explaining that Crowdvilla and GBX share the same vision and that following the company’s focus on coin legitimacy and crypto assets will prove more than beneficial to both parties. 


Compared to traditional trading platforms, GBX has made it the company’s mission to promote the cryptocurrency industry and build more reliable connections and instill trust in the infant technology and its future potential. To be listed on an exchange, a startup must validate its assets and profit potential, as well as assess any possible business risks, also known as due diligence. These steps are required in order to gain sponsorship from a trading firm and join its listing. and CGP are also listed on GBX, completing the three current listings. The former is focused on anti-laundering and terrorist security measures and CGP is focused on decarbonizing blockchains.

2 years ago

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