Galaxy Digital and Caspian to Collaborate and Promote Cryptocurrency Trading

According to statements, Galaxy Digital and Caspian are collaborating in a new partnership created to provide crypto-trading with more global adoption. Galaxy Digital, a digital merchant bank under the ownership of Mike Novogratz, a leading Bitcoin enthusiast and trading exchange Caspian will work together on the new project.


As per their latest announcement, GD will be among the first to operate on partner company Caspian’s platform and will pit both platform teams to discuss and direct the platforms advancement together.

Caspian’s framework operates on 20 different digital trading exchanges and was designed to provide asset handlers with access to the numerous exchanges required to keep their transfers and initiate several trades. The company also expects to operate on 20 more platforms during the third quarter of this year in compliance with its plans for development.

Caspian's head executive, Robert Dykes, explained that the company was providing company investors with a smooth and connected network designed to address their trading requirements. By Galaxy Digital joining the platform, Caspian is taking another large step in their plan to become a leading exchange. 

By connecting the top digital exchanges on the planet through one network, the exchange is now housing many distinguished crypto-management companies and hopes to add an additional 50 in the coming 90 days.

Mike Novogratz

Earlier this year, Alphapoint managed to fund more than $100 million in the initial round of funding Galaxy Digital’s capital venture firm. The announcement was made just 30 days prior to the news regarding the new-found partnership. 

Prior to his crypto-dominance, Mike Novogratz was a large-scale trader on Wall Street and now plans to make his company a merchant banking platform involved in blockchain and digital currencies on an institutional level. In an interview, Novogratz said that through his funding partners he would create a “Drexel of crypto” in reference to Drexel Burnham Lambert.

He believes that cryptocurrency businesses will expand and be wholly-adopted by organizations globally.

2 years ago

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