G20: Stablecoins Bing Risk

Global stablecoins are a threat to public policy and regulation. This was reported by representatives of the G20.

The meeting of the heads of 19 countries of the European Union took place on October 18. The meeting was attended by politicians and central bankers. They made recommendations to the IMF. It is necessary to study the risks of globalization of the market of stablecoins. This, in their opinion, will help maintain the sovereignty of the G20 member countries.

Haruhiko Kuroda is the Governor of the Bank of Japan. He said at a meeting with colleagues that the widespread adoption of stablecoins could be a problem for credit policy and the stability of the global financial system.

We believe that this is not such a big problem. The cryptocurrency market will cope with difficulties. The sun always shines after the storm!

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1 year ago

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