Fuzex Enrolls Bitcoin Cash On Its platform

Fuzex will now add bitcoin cash to its platform. The decision was arrived at after an evaluation of dominant features on the bitcoin cash network. Quick transactions speeds and affordable fees motivated the addition.

Bitcoin cash has gained popularity among online merchants due to the fast and cheap transaction process. The deal came to life after Fuzex reached an understanding with It means that bitcoin cash will now take over bitcoin base as the anchor currency on the Fuzex infrastructure. Fuzex highlighted that the new partnership will solve the challenges of exorbitant charges and time wasting, something that has hampered service delivery.

Additionally, the card will integrate the Fuzex token as well as ethereum. The entire system will be supported by the Fuzex token. It will also have some benefits for users. There will be convenience and added limits for users. Ethereum was also added to the system since it has reduced joined network fees compared to bitcoin cash.

Moving into the future, Fuzex plans to bring on board other coins that are compatible with its platform. Additionally, Fuzex card plans to roll out a new card that will enable users to instantly review their balances. It will enable NFC payments and is fitted with an EMV chip.

The platforms are also versatile when it comes to the cards it supports. Credit, debit, and prepaid cards can be hosted under the infrastructure. The cards can be managed on different mobile devices through a wallet. The 2FA feature will promote the security of the cards since missing ones can easily be traced. Fuzex token holders can also acquire the card physically.

Alex David an official from the firm stated that the payment option offers smart solutions. He said that they want to enable easy payments without tampering with any infrastructure. Going into the future, David notes that Fuzex clients will have a chance of checking crypto exchange rates and also select the different coins for payment. Additionally, Fuzex card intends to spread crypto payments across the board.

Elsewhere, European based Wirex is offering card cryptocurrency payments. After a suspension by Visa, Wirex rolled out its debit cards once again in Europe. The new cards are equipped with back bitcoin core, litecoin, and securities trading updates. Wirex wallet supports at least 50 coins and it recently announced that ripple will be integrated on its platform. Ripple holders will now be able to spend the crypto in stores and online.

2 years ago

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