Funny Twitter Image of Elon Musk and Changpeng Zhao Promotes Bitcoin and Crypto Reception

It is not actually a SEC-affirmed BTC exchange-traded fund, but rather another funny image on Twitter that has started a sincere demand for a friendship between Elon Musk and the Chief of Binance Changpeng Zhao. On the chance that both of them agree to the friendship, it might be the best approach to widespread cryptocurrency reception.


Elon’s supporters and cryptocurrency devotees are seeking a signal from the tycoon that he will declare BTC as a genuine means of exchange at Tesla. Crypto lord, Changpeng previously posted a tweet on 22nd October that if Elon begins accepting cryptos, he will purchase a Tesla.

At the point Elon requested his Twitter followers to post their "best" images, he commenced an image stream

Amongst the many followers who retweeted and replied, one follower by the name @tommyp408 acquainted Elon with his new mate CZ. Tweeting:

“Musk, if it's not too much trouble meet your newest pal CZ (President of Binance). He'll be among the main individuals to purchase a Tesla with BTC when your organisation permits it as a mode of disbursement. It would be ideal if you get this going earlier, you'll be a champion to the huge number of cryptocurrency devotees” 

CZ, who jumped in and retweeted this image.

While Elon was grateful and expressed some affection to his fans. In a separate tweet, he expressed gratitude towards Tesla proprietors and clients, stating, "We would not be this far if it wasn’t for you," which incited praise and a whirlwind of open hearts.

2 years ago

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