Fujitsu Launches New Blockchain Consulting Service for Upcoming Startups

Last week, Fujitsu, one of the most distinguished IT international service providers in the world, has announced the launch of a new service designed to assess blockchain-based startups and their innovation and provide expert consulting on whether a project displays potential growth or not.

Worthy or Not

Thanks to the new system designed by Fujitsu, companies can utilize its functions to analyze and assess if an idea or project is worth developing. Within five days of operating, the service allows companies to analyze their blockchain framework’s MVP to determine the possible outcome of a developed idea or to minimize the risk of failure on projects already developed.

While the service will cost around 10000 euro to use, experts at the international IT company will join business experts and clients to provide evidence of a possible large-scale integration of the new service. Dubbed Proof of Business, the service largely precedes a PoC move to address everyday problems that several businesses face when dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well new innovations.

Lead developer at the company’s BIC, Chris Pilling, explained that the common mistakes they see by many businesses and involved parties are not unusual and occur almost daily. According to him, companies are wrong in focusing directly on the technology and instead waste considerable funds and efforts to determine whether a project or service works. The PoB is a method being rushed by Fujitsu to find out what each client’s business plan was. 

The Platform

The new service designed by Fujitsu revolves around Hyper Fabric technology or HF-tech. Users of the new service will be able to design their own analysis and determine whether a blockchain concept would prove to be worthwhile and profitable. Another feature allows users to transfer their collected MVP data and send it to other users for viewing.

Chris Pilling also explains that companies are focused on currently operational projects and how to further advance them through BC as opposed to a brand-new start with their own innovations. Designed by Frederik de Breuck, the new system aims to assist new startups without the required funding or workforce to launch. 

2 years ago

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