Fortune Magazine Pinpoints Three Top Under 40 Crypto-Leaders

This year’s annual list of the top 40 industrial leaders has been published. In 2018, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase and Vlad Tenev of Robinhood are among the three most distinguished individuals under the age of 40. Around ten years younger, all three of them hold billions of dollars in valuations and crypto technology is gradually introducing itself in the mainstream.


The magazine’s annual list highlights the most creative, innovative and established leaders in their respective industries under the age of 40. Fortune states in the publication that whichever business venture the top forty are invested in, each is contributing incredibly and gaining value just as fast.

After their exceptional success, Vitalik, Brian and Vlad, aged 24, 35 and 31 were asked how they achieved such success. Vlad Tenev says that his key to success is taking notes. As he states, his daily routine consists of to-do lists and a consistently expansive thought process in which he records anything he deems vital.

Through this method, his full attention each day is directed towards the most significant event of the day. Writing down notes also helps remind him of everything and displays a clearer view on previous events in which future investors and employees will be able to learn from.

The Mainstream

With all three members as part of the Fortune’s list, it points to a future of global crypto acceptance. Public awareness of the cryptocurrencies are spreading throughout the financial ecosystem. Despite taking almost ten years to be noticed as they are now, through markets, corporate patents being filed and talks of exchange-traded funds, crypto has made his presence known throughout the world.

Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency banks explains his own key to success, motivation. As he states, his own daily routine consists of constant encouragement written down and a focus on his daily plans. Coinbase’ expansion is incredible and the company strives to be as significant in the cryptosphere as Google is in size.

Ethereum’s founder and public image, Buterin, has described Ethereum, his blockchain as a global computer. As an experiment starting on piece of paper, Ethereum is now worth almost $50 billion in value and is the second highest ranking cryptocurrency in the world with Bitcoin being the all-time “King coin”.

As rumors continue circulating, one particular whisper is said to be the attempted employment of Vitalik by Google although it was rumored that he refused the offer. Ethereum banked on more success after the US Securities and Exchange Commission passed on regulations regarding Ether coins and classified it as a non-security.

2 years ago

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