Former Special Agent George Sax Appointed as Security director for Blockchain

George Sax, a former special agent and direct bodyguard of the president, was the highlight of Blockchain’s announcement, stating that his new position was the global head of security.


Many companies like Blockchain are adamant about their security and protection related to the cryptocurrency industry. With more than 25 million crypto-wallets filled with user information and assets under the company’s management, it provides a primary and extremely beneficial bust for digital crime. 

George Sax has been given the company’s full trust to manage and head their international security team. As a veteran within the United States SS and a previous personal bodyguard of the president, Sax has also directed the Secret Service investigation unit and oversaw security for the 2016 presidential elections. Due to the grand-scale of hacks and cyber attacks on exchanges and companies like Coincheck and Coinrail of South Korea, has resulted in huge losses, only making security a more vital issue to focus on. 

Excited about his new role and his future plans for the company, George Sax explained how he plans to utilize his expertise and time with the Secret Service to develop even more on top of Blockchain Ltd’s state of the art security and allow countless investors and participants to join the new system without any concerns for the security of their assets and wallets.

The company’s plans to essentially restructure and upgrade their security measures may possibly be a result of the recently launched platform to attract investors on an industrial level.


A vital factor of the crypto-sphere has always been issues related to hacks and scams. Many companies are also taking a stance on criminal activity and continuously upgrading their security measures to provide protection for investors.

Companies like Coinbase, Circle, and Blockchain are all security enthusiasts and continue expressing the importance of a properly functioning and solid security system and as a means of further promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Former chief executive officer of Barclays, Anthony Jenkins, is also another vital asset and member of Blockchain’s team. Another included member is Arthur Level, previously the head chair at the SEC.

Blockchain’s co-founder and head executive, Peter Smith, explained how important it was to handle security with extreme caution, saying that his company is one of the most targeted in the world by hackers and cybercriminals due to their reputation and position within the crypto world. He also explains the measures taken by the company, adamant about protecting their framework, information and any other services or operations.

He has also stated that George Sax will be instrumental in the development of an even stronger security system.

2 years ago

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