Former Cricket Professional Criticized After ICO Backing

Michael Clarke, a former cricket professional from Australia was the target of severe criticism after deciding to publicly announce his support of an ICO for Global Tech, a company located in Brisbane. On the 8th of August, the former player publicized his support on Twitter for SmartCompany as two parts of the social network and digital currency exchange.

The Post

In the post on Twitter, Clarke expressed his eagerness for what was coming next and an image from Global Tech posted by the athlete. As per the image, it displayed Michael Clarke and his own statement of how excited he is about the new project and Global Tech, commenting on their drive and how he related to their dedication, as well as his eagerness to further study blockchain.

Ever since the image was uploaded by Clarke, severe criticism ensured from the digital currency community and his own fans. Many of the critics addressed the situation, wondering how a former cricket professional with almost no experience or knowledge in the industry would risk an initial coin offering due to the well-known risks and failure records associated with ICOs.

As of now, no official reports have been made in regards to the profit Clarke is acquiring for promoting and advertising the new project by Global Tech and is currently listed on the company’s webpage as its ambassador. According to the site, any ambassador is set to receive four percent of all funds acquired by the initial coin offering. Should Global Tech achieve the $50M target, Clarke will be granted $2M for his efforts.

JP Thorbjornsen, CanYa marketplace founder was also another critic direct his comments at Clarke. According to him, he hesitates and lacks trust in projects sponsored by celebrity figures and that the current backing by Clarke may wreak havoc on his reputation. According to the founder, Clarke has little to no experience in blockchain technology and thus his support makes no sense.

Several iconic figures have also jumped onto the crypto-craze, supporting initial coin offerings and coin-based companies like Floyd Mayweather, the iconic boxing professional and his backing of Centra prior to its shut down.

2 years ago

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