Forbes Media to Launch its Very Own Crypto Tracking Platform

Forbes, a major publication with more than 120 M users worldwide, will be releasing its very own crypto tracking platform called Forbes CryptoMarkets.


A Decentralized Approach

The project has reached beta and features information about prices and volume in real-time on thousands of cryptos from 5 initial global indices for cryptocurrencies. The platform introduces several services to users, including various insights and data about exchanges happening worldwide like the listed cryptos, prices, volume, and pairings for trade; a newsfeed with leading content in real time from various organizations, and that includes Forbes’ own content from sites around the world; content from the Forbes website featuring related articles and also videos of expert interviews in the field.

This venture is a collaboration between multiple organizations partnering up to implement this project, including Forbes; blockchain financial firm; investment organization NewCity Capital and also a branch of the company called NewCity Digital.

Data within the platform is going to be pulled from various indices for the leading cryptos, blockchains, DApps, among others, globally based on scenarios on a case by case basis. The aim is to analyze trends within the market.

Chien Lee, chairman at NewCity Capital and also of this new platform, expressed the company’s excitement about this collaboration with Forbes to create a source that is truly a trusted place to get information regarding the growing digital economy, on subjects such as BTC, ETH, cryptos, and tokens, as well as their related firms. Forbes CryptoMarkets is looking to become the ultimate resource offering access to anything in relation to the crypto industry and blockchain.

A Qualified Team

The team behind the new platform is comprised of experts in the scientific and programming fields. They are using an extensive scope of sources to gather quantitative information about crypto exchanges as well as blockchain. This gathered data will form a representation of the best and most thorough market research available.

Mike Federle, Chief Executive Officer at Forbes, shared that they currently offer the most extensive crypto-related coverage of any media brand worldwide. Federle sees this extension towards crypto market information as a natural step forward.

Jim Preissler,’s CEO and now Forbes CrytoMarkets’ executive director, says they plan to advance more as the platform will include every aspect related to the crypto industry, like investment assets, data about ICOs, among others.

The project’s implementation is currently supervised by their CTO, David S.Feldman. He has extensive experience as a CTO entrepreneur, leading previously various complex attempts in fintech. He previously was a main partner at tech giant IBM and he also was an executive at Accenture Digital.

The platform will be exist in 7 different languages—English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, and also Russian.

2 years ago

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