Forbes to be First to Try Publishing Stories to Blockchain

The respected publication will be the first in the media industry to publish stories directly to the blockchain, despite skepticism surrounding the revolutionary tech. Since blockchain tech s a recent innovation and often thought to be difficult to comprehend, it is not something publishers are looking to dabble in as much as investors or those in the finance industry.

Forbes, on the other hand, aims to send the sector a message stating that BC and journalism will be the tech of the future.

How it Works

Forbes is trying out the new method by publishing samples of their content to Civil’s network. Ultimately, the primary goal is to move all existing published material to the BC.

Forbes will integrate Civil directly into its CMS, dubbed ‘Bertie’. Once signed into the network, journalist can upload all metadata by the start of 2019, and at the same time publish it to Forbes’ main website.

The publication says they will upload content regarding digital currencies at first, and if all goes well, they will begin to publish on other topics soon after.

Civil previously entered a partnership with AP surrounding the publishing of photos using BC tech, but this is their first time partnering with businesses regarding written content.

2 years ago

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