Flow Traders Introduces Cryptocurrency Services

As one of the top trading firms in Europe, Flow Traders is joining the digital coin trend and providing cryptocurrency ETN's for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Firm

Launched in 2014, Flow Traders has quickly risen through the rankings to become one of Europe's largest ETP trading exchanges. Through ETP bid and offer costs provided by the exchange, liquidity is presented to its clients. Flow Traders also has also been reported to earn over €250M worth of annual revenue. 

The top exchange has unveiled its plans to join the cryptocurrency market and introduce Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Traded Notes. The company's co-CEO has stated that many overlook crypto technology's potential and that trade values of Flow Trades has significantly climbed.

In an interview, he explained the inevitable regulations to be imposed on crypto and how interested investors were in the tech.

Quick Trade

A process known as HFT utilizes certain algorithms to facilitate quick trades of products and services. These high-frequency trades are often conducted in massive amounts to accommodate for the exchange's competitive market.

Other exchanges have been dealing in HFT trades and offering crypto services to their customers, among them being DRW Holdings, saying that it has dealt with digital tokens since 2014. According to the OTC head of Cumberland Mining, every invested individual in the crypto environment has a different point of view regarding Bitcoin, while any other currency is left in "love it or hate it" scenario.

Coinshare's managing director said that companies like Flow Traders were focused on acquiring ETN's, a higher demand for these traded notes is appearing as more investors are looking to contribute to cryptocurrencies. 

2 years ago

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